I am a scientist, storyteller, leader, and strategy-centric professional.

I am passionate about sharing science. I can usually be found indulging in the details of the latest cancer immunotherapy designs or studying new innovations in microbiome research. Passerby beware; I will share all of my awesome science facts with you. 

Science is complex and can be overwhelming. But behind successful scientific developments and breakthroughs are beautiful stories and compelling histories about society. I seek to share these stories with the world — helping showcase the importance and value of science — because they deserve to be told. 

I am an advocate for science, especially young scientists. It’s a harsh world out there… having endured the challenges of completing an advanced degree and entering the workforce, I know the struggles of young science professionals. I want to make sure they have all the tools necessary to meet the demands of the modern world. 

Currently seeking new opportunities to grow my skills in science publishing or communications within a mission-driven organization.  As a trained scientist who successfully transitioned into publishing, I am uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and strategic endpoints.  Learn more






Arlington, Virginia 



Questions? I look forward to answering them.