Stay curious.
Stand strong.
Keep active.
Harness creativity.
The path is never straight but it is always worth the journey. 


Head of Content

I joined Elemental Machines to shape the future of LabOps. From defining the category and developing industry standards and benchmarking tools, it has been a joy to work with a team of dedicated engineers at the forefront of data science who are building essential tools for the industry. 

As a brand, I’ve been able to establish EM as the LabOps Intelligence Platform. I’m proud of the stories that I’ve been able to share and the voices I’ve been able to ampilfy along the way. 

Being a part of agile, collaborative team, I’ve been able to master my content marketing skills from content creation, strategy, campaign execution, analysis, and more! 

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Editor & Science Writer

So much amazing and life-changing science is happening all around us. From genomics to artificial intelligence, science is shaping the world around us.

I am fortunate enough to be a vessel to plant seeds of knowledge around the world. In my current position as Editor in Chief of ScienceBoard, I disseminate the work of dedicated scientists around the globe. 

Speaking of scientists, aren’t they amazing?! But they are people, just like the rest of us. By highlighting the authenticity and passion that many scientists exude, I strive to make science more approachable to the public. 

This mission drives me to be a better science communicator and advocate. I believe in open science and an environment where all curious minds can have their fill of the scientific knowledge that came before them. 

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Non-Profit Organization Management

After completing my doctorate, I was honored to work with some of the brightest and most dedicated scientists in the country through the National Postdoctoral Association. 

I rose to the challenge of re-designing the NPA’s outdated website in 2018. With little experience but loads of passion, I jumped right into the project and learned so much along the way. Trusting my gut with design aspects and working my way through updating and editing the hundreds of documents housed on the website, I helped the organization launch a new streamlined website in February of 2019. 

Coming off of inconsistent mentorship experiences in graduate school, I was blessed to meet so many mentors and friends at the NPA that I will always cherish. This environment allowed my passion to build-up other scientists to flourish. 

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Nutrition Researcher

As a legacy at NC State, I set vet school as my goal. ‘Rolling with Nolan’ was my grandfather’s campaign slogan that awarded him two consecutive terms as student body president in the 1950’s.

Vet school dreams shortly died as professors recruited me to graduate programs. I fell in love with agriculture. My family roots tied me to the culture and I felt connected to the important mission. 

After tireless hours spent in chicken and turkey houses, feedmills and laboratories, I was awarded both my masters and doctoral degrees at NC State. 

I found myself particularly intrigued by nutrition — specifically, the microbiome — and this guided my research during my five years of graduate school.

Turkeys will forever hold a special place in my heart. Read more about my research →

Outside of work

I live in Arlington, VA right outside of Washington, DC. 

 I enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Going to school for nutrition, I have picked up a few things along the way, and I try my best to honor agriculture and a wholesome diet as much as possible. You’ll also find me in the gym most days, or hiking with my dog around the nation’s capital. 

I try to express my creativity as often as I can. You’ll never find me buying off of a registry for a wedding or baby shower gift – I truly believe in giving thoughtful handmade gifts that can be cherished.

I do my best to honor the values I was surrounded by in my youth and  carry them with me on my daily journey. 

Samantha Black, PhD

Arlington, Virginia 



Questions? I look forward to answering them.